• 17/10/22

Clean, Sustainable Electricity for Tampelas Village

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Tampelas , located on the banks of Katingan River with population of around 500 people, is a small village with big economic potentials. Alongside the existing micro businesses such as small auto repair garages, swallow nest farms and internet shops, the people of Tampelas also manages 6,303 hectares of social forest which has high ecotourism potentials due to its rich biodiversity and the scenic Biku Lake located within the forest area. Tampelas also has abundant snakehead fish, which, other than turned into traditional fish products such as fish crackers , also contains albumin , known for its many health benefits, and thus has very high economic potentials. However, a major challenge in growing the economic potentials in Tampelas is the lack of electricity.

Tampelas is one of the remote villages in Kalimantan that has not got power supply from the state power company. The local community obtains electricity from the communal power generator which operates from 5pm to midnight. Outside those hours, they have to rely on their personal power generator, if they have one. Other than giving limited supply, the diesel- fuelled generator is also a potential air polluter.

Tampelas’s big economic potentials and its people’s high enthusiasm to grow their economy while taking care of their forest, have driven Rimba Makmur Utama (KMP) and PT Arya Watala Capital together with several other parties to partner to provide solar power plant as an alternative for clean and sustainable electricity for the people of Tampelas. This is a pilot project which is part of the initial implementation of restorative economy zone – a concept in which economic growth and nature and cultural preservation go hand in hand and are mutually enhancing.

RMU Chief Operating Officer RMU , Rezal Kusumaatmadja, said , “Enhancing the local people’s capacity and quality of life is a very important aspect in an ecosystem restoration initiative like Katingan Mentaya Project. This is what drives us to work together with Watala to provide adequate, consistent and sustainable source of electricity for the communities, starting in Tampelas as our pilot project in implementing restorative economy concept in the villages surrounding our project area. This is also aligned with our mission to use ‘clean’ energy in our facilities, to minimize pollution from fossil fuels. We hope that with adequate electricity supply, people’s productivity can be enhanced , driving local economic growth.” The infrastructure and installation of the solar power panels are expected to be completed in Q1 2023.

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