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The Katingan Mentaya Project peat swamp forest is a vitally important biodiverse habitat which is home to High Conservation Value species that need to be protected

Katingan Mentaya Project’s biodiversity conservation strategy is designed to ensure a healthy population of flora and fauna species in the project area by eliminating drivers of deforestation and forest degradation, and by implementation of wildlife protection and monitoring, as well as enhancing natural habitats and ecological integrity through ecosystem restoration. The forest landscape is home to many high conservation value (HCV) species, including the Bornean orangutan, proboscis monkey, clouded leopards, the Sunda pangolin, and other rare, threatened or endemic species.

Healthy tropical forests provide many benefits, such as filtering air and water, stabilizing climate, preventing flooding and soil erosion, and providing food and fuel for local people. These benefits have been shown to be significantly enhanced in a well maintained tropical forest areas compared to areas where forests have been destroyed or degraded. Protecting peat swamp forest ecosystems can support the lives of local communities and existing wildlife/species. 

The project protects the habitat of 70 mammals (2 critically endangered/CR, 6 endangered/EN, 12 Vulnerable/VU and 19 protected species); 221 birds (3 CR, 3 EN, 11 VU, and 37 protected); 55 reptiles (1 CR, 2 EN, 4 VU and 3 protected), 17 amphibian and 107 fish species. [Infographic of these numbers]

The project aims to reduce threats to biodiversity in the project area by eliminating drivers of deforestation and forest degradation and increasing forest cover; conserve natural habitats, ecological integrity and overall biological diversity and actively protect species of High Conservation Value (HCV).

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